Brand Identity

Founded in 1972, Stonehouse is one of the longest established art and craft co-operatives in Australia.

Stonehouse's honest and warm personality was brought to life using a juxtaposition of image and copy, or through a physical object and copy.


Since its beginnings membership has grown, its offer expanded and its environment has changed. As a result, Stonehouse needed to redefine its brand identity, to reflect the values and culture of the group today with consistency, so that it could stand out and flourish.


Our response
By establishing the groups common aims and objectives first, we were able to develop a clear focus for the brand – defining its values, personality and offer. Over a series of workshops we took the members on a journey of discovering what their customers expect and how Stonehouse should project themselves to their customers.


The previous identity not created by FOR Studio


The identity needed to convey a mix of artisan and craft alongside a modern heritage feel. A symbol based logo was created as way to easily stamp and identifier the gallery across the varied applied uses.


The identity respects the past and defines the new with retail touch-points that share the story of the artists and their craftsmanship, communicating the uniqueness and value of the pieces on offer.

Stonehouse's honest and warm personality has bought to life through the juxtaposition of imagery and copy and physical object and copy.


What was achieved

Stonehouse have a clear vison for the future and they are now engaging and connecting with thier audiences with a distinct and consistent voice. The new brand was well received by customers and significantly increased Stonehouse's social media recognition.



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