Magazine App

Design and art direction for a captivating interactive magazine app.


In 2014 a documentary & commercial film company decided to capitalise on there knowledge and experience to create a new interactive magazine.

Stipla was born. An interactive magazine that uncovers stories from around the world, revealing people and places in unexpected and captivating ways. A key aspect was that all the content would only use the technology available in the app programming to enhance stories and articles rather then being superficial or flashy.


Our approach

We intentionally designed the masthead so it had classic and strong look and feel, channeling the simplicity of classic magazine mastheads. The simple red rectangular shape with a personalised version of DIN provided strength but also ensured it would not overpower the content.


We art directed across page layouts and user experience – helping ensure the interactive technology enhanced the stories, with articles running seamlessly alongside videos, panoramic photography, interview clips and animation. 

What was achieved

An immersive experience that blends written articles with moving image and sound, adding substance without distracting readers from what really matters, the people in the stories.


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