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IT as an enabler.


Melbourne based company StepFwdIT provide IT support to clients across Australia with a focus in Melbourne. The support ranges from dedicated in-house to on-call off-site support. Over the last few years they had recorded strong growth through referrals and the strength of personality of the company's founding director, however they realised that to move the company to the next level they needed to strengthen not only the visual aspect of the StepFwdIT brand but also discover what makes them unique over their competitors in an already saturated marketplace. This work would provide them with the foundation to create a clear strategic pathway for the future growth of the company.


Previous brand not created by FOR Studio. 



Following brand strategy workshops a new brand strategy and framework led to the core positioning 'Beyond Technology'. StepFwdIT takes a 360-degree view of the world and by having their eyes wide open and ears to the ground, they add compelling, insight-driven value to the lives of their customers.





Tone of voice and created a new way for the company to speak both internally and externally. This led to an expressive new website that cuts through the jargon and misunderstandings so often associated with the IT support sector.


Through testing the water of a revolutionary change to an evolutional change it became clear that a smaller step change in brand identity was needed. The brand recognition had been already established with the existing mark so the brand identity was simplified and modernised.




IT Services are a notoriously difficult to represent in photography so a suite of illustrations allowed us to communicate the services in a playful and engaging way.



A three step language system was created referencing the three dots of the identity.



An modern colour palette creates a look and feel supports the technology led approach in StepFwdIT's systems.




Since gaining brand clarity, Step Fwd IT has expanded beyond their Melbourne headquarters, and now operate across Sydney and Brisbane as well.


Even before the new visual identity was launched, Step Fwd IT was winning new clients utilising the positioning developed in the strategy phase.





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