Soulful Health

Brand Identity

A brand that embraces a mindfulness approach to health and wellbeing.


Soulful Health offers a holistic range of factors including current health, lifestyle, environment and genetics (optional testing) to tailor a personalised, realistic plan to reach both short and long-term goal.


Headed up by Elin Tiberg, a fully registered certified Nutritional Therapist, Soulful Health approached For Studio to help create a brand that illustrated their approach with a strong focus on the wellness and positivity good eating provides the body and soul.




A start-up business with a lack of case studies led to an illustrative branding approach. Elin's values of caring and a strong connection to the natural world provided the focal point for the identity from the logo to a supporting icon language.


With Soulful Health's offerings focusing on food and what you eat, a modern and bright illustration style brought to life healthy food types.


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