Shepparton Distilleries

Brand Identity

Future proofing a unique business.


Since 1978 Shepparton Distilleries have been fermenting and distilling Williams pears for Eau de Vie de Poire Williams. Each year using locally grown pears Shepparton Distilleries creates over 15,000 tonnes of distilled Eau de Vie de which is then shipped over to France for the final distillation process, bottling and marketing. Their in-depth knowledge and professionalism had ensured they are one of the worlds key Eau de Vie distilleries. However with global changes and market competition Shepparton Distilleries needed a new identity to help convey their values, strengths and story.

Previous brand not created by FOR Studio. 



The new brand identity represents Shepparton Distilleries primary activity of fermenting and distilling of pears.


The logo works as a primary, sub-brand and endorsement mark. The ability to create an endorsement was key to Shepparton Distilleries and their plans for key future projects.





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