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Naming & Brand Identity

Pep is all about story telling through food and wine experiences. A new events company that offer tailored dining experiences across Melbourne and Victoria.


Created by food writer, author and host, Hilary McNevin, Pep events offer exclusive bespoke dining experiences. With over 15 years in the hospitality industry as a manager and sommelier, and 12 years in food media, Hilary realised that by drawing on her skills and networks she could create a one of kind events company offering unique access to Victoria’s leading chefs, producers, managers, winemakers, sommeliers and industry leaders.


Guests experiences range from individual dinners at exclusive Melbourne restaurants with an opportunities such as Q&A's from the chef and producers, to events across multiple venues. Pep works with dining rooms and bars such as, Cumulus and Florentino to Tonka and Eau de Vie. The business needed a name and identity that would represent this amazing offer.

Our response

After a few meetings we started to clarify what Pep stood for and the visual experience of the brand. A number of names were brainstormed before arriving at Pep. However Pep immediately stood out as a name that really aligned itself to the ethos and offering. It also had a great sound, feeling and structure.


The identity has become a visual expression of the experiences Pep are providing; a rare moment with  insight into the passion and creativity of some of Victoria's leading chefs, producers, managers, winemakers, sommeliers and industry leaders – and their venues, produce, food, drinks and stories. The classic deco feel of the logo is modernised by playing on the circular nature of the letters.

Alongside the logo the visual identity is supported by an icon that represents a bowl, plate and glass – again representing the offering.

A series of bold and expressive paint marks were created to form the basis of the visual language for the identity.

These expressive paint marks represent the passion and flair. They are feelings you experience. The taste. The smell. The noise. The senses of tasting and discovering amazing food and wine.

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