Brand Identity

An identity that is as unique as the students.

The identity for the tech school needed to challenge the norm of Indian education. It needed to feel global, not local and as much London as Chennai. The identity was built around the personality of the students; approachable, modern and smart. 


The curriculum at Ology Tech is based on a 70%/30% split across STEAM learning and the traditional Indian syllabus. We took the idea of the 70/30 split across into the Ology identity using the circular form of the logotype as the foundation for the graphic approach.


Students covers imagery explodes out of the circle = the release of ideas.

Teachers covers imagery pulls into the circle = the gaining of knowledge.


The first academy opened (soft launch as construction is still on going) early in 2019.

 Ology HalfWidth Pic 7


Originally the decision was for a logotype only and not to include a traditional education badge, however recently a 'head' symbol has been introduced.




Olo Kinder

Olo Kinder has been established as an extra entry point for children to Ology Tech and an opportunity to experience a more creative learning education from an early age.


Light, bright and full of energy, Olo Kinder focuses on learning through play. Alongside a more colourful logo, the brand is expressed through four fun characters based shapes. The circle from Ology Tech now has some geometric friends.


Naming / Total Content

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