Brand Strategy and Naming

A new open minded direction for Indian education.

With over 50 schools across Chennai, India, the Velammal Educational Trust are one of India's most established teaching institutions. Synonymous with providing quality education for over 30 years from Kindergarden through to High School, Velammal offers a traditional Indian curriculum learning.

In 2017 directors within the Trust became aware that their education offering needed to better reflect the global education trend of offering more creative learning and critical thinking. Learning that encourages students to question more, explore different opportunities, so they’ll be able to challenge and change their world and beyond, for the better.

Working with an Australian STEAM education provider, a new series of schools in India are being created. Offering a new way of learning across technology, science and sports. The schools will range from large academies to medium size schools. Programs and clubs will be available for other Indian schools to run independently. Teacher training will run alongside the schools. And a series of standalone creative, maker spaces/hubs are being created for schools and clubs to use.



A creative understanding 

We visited Chennai on several occasions to gain teacher, student and parent insights, gaining an understanding of the local market. We ran workshops with key stakeholders to discover how they saw the new schools would teach the creative learning curriculum and to help guide them towards a strategy and framework that would be the foundation for the new schools.


Education designed for tomorrow’s world.

The heart of the brand strategy is expressed as Tomorrow World – We’re here to help our children develop the creative and critical thinking skills they’ll need in the future – so they’ll be able to challenge and change their world and beyond, for the better.

Ology HalfWidth Pic 2

Brand strategy and architecture 

We took the team on a journey to bring clarity and understanding to the brand architecture. The first step was to define the offering as a separate education proposition to the Velammal Trust. This would allow a clear division from the existing tradition Indian curriculum to the new creative learning approach. This resulted in creating a new education group upon which the schools, training, programs etc would sit under.


A name of the group, schools and kinder

From a starting point of over 200 names we narrowed it down to the top 10, which became one.


Ology – a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.

By moving away from traditional education naming we arrived at a naming structure far more expressive.


The new education group. A name which would allow the group and their students to grow in every nature of the word.


Ology Tech, Ology Sport, Ology... A name that feels modern and sits comfortably within the Google and Apple tech world but also a name that instantly takes you to education.


The kinder name. Where the students would first engage in the more creative learning and can grow with a more open aspect.


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