Brand Identity

An identity that captures the spirit of two cheeky brothers who want to share great wine with the world.


With a family cellar boasting so many Australian fine and rare vintage wines that they may never be drunk, it was only a matter of time before two cheeky brothers decided it was time to share their brothers extraordinary collection. The idea, to hold an event that embodied these wonderful wines, their love of food and their Ukranian roots. An identity was needed to help the brothers promote this unique Melbourne event.


This unique event would allow guests to taste wine by the glass that you rarely have an opportunity to try due to cost or availability – The wines at the event are Australia's greatest vintages from the greatest wine makers. The premise of the event was that two of the five brothers would "obtain" their brothers outstanding collection. The question was did the brother know?

Our response

After initially exploring the Ukrainian heritage of the brothers we focused on creating an identity that alluded to the vault of wine – The cellar. A simple iconic mark references the steps taken down to a traditional wine cellar under the house whilst drawing inspiration from the bright colours associated with Ukrainian folk culture.


The identity was brought to life by a series of witty bright illustrations we created that supported the events mysterious brother and exploits of getting his wine and encapsulated the brothers humour.

These simple, yet iconic elements could then be applied in a variety of ways across all communication channels, from digital and social to print and environment.


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