Lighthouse Foundation

Campaign Creative & Naming

A yearly campaign to support the end of youth homelessness with the Lighthouse Foundation.

AGDA Finalist 2017
Australian Fundraising Institute Awards 2017:
Most Innovative Campaign


Lighthouse Foundation has several donation activities running throughout the year but to engage a wider donation audience they devised a new campaign where one day a year, every donation that is given would be matched by three Lighthouse Foundation benefactors/corporate supporters – meaning a donation of $20 would be worth $80 to the Lighthouse Foundation. The catch was it only would run for 24hours, and they had to reach their target or no donations would be processed.


A projected outcome of the campaign would be a stronger network of potential corporate sponsors as well as creating an increase in public awareness of the foundation.

4UP HalfWidth Pic 7b

2017 Campaign

In 2017 we helped devise the inaugural campaign. The campaign name comes from the donation process, where a donation is multiplied by four. We came up with the idea of calling it 4UPDay. The creative idea stems from using a '4' in different visual ways, the chief being a visual tag where 4 fingers are raised on a hand. This visual tag became key to creating a quick and hassle-free way for the charities ambassadors and celebrity supporters to join in with the campaign.


2017 was beyond successful for the charity. They had set a target of $576,000 in 24 hours and smashed it making over $700,000. Post the day itself several new high profile corporate supporters began pledging their support (and cash!) for the charity, due to the success and profile of the campaign.


4UP HalfWidth Pic 8b


2018 Campaign solution

Due to the success of the previous year, the 2018 campaign began with a higher target. This year the charity wanted to raise $750,000.


To help keep the campaign fresh and engaging we knew that one area that needed to be improved from 2017 was to create a more distinctive overall look and feel for the campaign. 2017 had very much leveraged off the charities yellow brand colour and corporate feeling typeface, so for 2018's campaign, we introduced a stronger visual style to support the various celebrity endorsements that would work across print and digital.


Using a softer and friendly typeface helped create a more conversational tone of voice, whilst abstract shapes and patterns tied together the different content. The injection of gradient colours within pullout flashes and illustrations conveyed a modern fresh feel.







In two years and just 48 hours the campaign has exceeded expectations and has generated donations over $1.5millon.


The 2017 campaign won the Australian Fundraising Institute Awards, Most Innovative Campaign. And campaign also contributed to the Lighthouse marketing team winning the Australian Fundraising Institute Awards team of the year.





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