Lighthouse Foundation

Campaign Creative & Naming

A yearly campaign to support the end of youth homelessness with the Lighthouse Foundation.

AGDA Finalist 2017
Australian Fundraising Institute Awards 2017:
Most Innovative Campaign


Lighthouse Foundation has several donation activities running throughout the year. To engage a wider donation audience they devised a new campaign where one day a year every donation that is given would be matched by 3 Lighthouse Foundation benefactors/corporate supporters – meaning a donation of $20 is worth $80 to Lighthouse Foundation.


Following on from the inaugural campaign we created for 4UPDay in 2017 where Lighthouse in 24 hours made $700,000 ($250,000 more than their target). The 2018 campaign needed to keep the existing look but also feel fresh and updated.




In 2017 working closely with the Lighthouse team we devised the name ‘4UpDay’ to emphasise the single fundraising day and the 4 times power of a donation.


Creating the 4Up visual tag, the simple act of putting your hand up with only 4 fingers showing – provided a unique and ownable visual tag that anyone can do. This tag became invaluable when engaging celebrity supporters as it was so easy for them to do.


In 2018 we introduced a stronger visual style to support the various celebrity endorsements that would work across print and digital. The campaign's tone of voice created a warm and inspiring character in support of the donation push.






In two years and just 48 hours the campaign has exceeded expectations and has generated donations over $1.5millon.


The 2017 campaign won the Australian Fundraising Institute Awards, Most Innovative Campaign. And campaign also contributed to the Lighthouse marketing team winning the Australian Fundraising Institute Awards team of the year.





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