Katz Architecture

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Digital Design

A brand that reflects the practise today and tomorrow.


Katz Architecture is a Melbourne-based architecture practice founded in 2012. 


Katz approached FOR Studio to help redevelop their brand. Through building strong relationships with clients and acquiring more through word of mouth Katz Architecture is a growing and successful practice. However, while they have been successful to-date as a relatively new practice, they had identified the need for their brand and communications, to better reflect the practice they are today, to help them; acquire their target projects & clients and move forward into their next strategic phase.




Working with Katz it became apparent the practise's ethos was a balance between design+style, quality of work and the lives of the end users. Together we helped articulate this positioning as "Enriching Spaces – Enriching Lives".


Katz has an inherent attribute of looking beyond the clients' expectations and creating work that pushes the potential of sites and delivers clever solutions. Their approach of looking beyond influenced the creative execution from the logo which features a hidden eye, to the graphic language which conveys the idea of looking beyond the horizon and seeing further future possibilities.







Referencing the angles and hidden eye of the logo, the triangular shape is an abstract representation of a horizon plane and the final outcomes of a project. The solutions that enrich both the spaces and the lives of the people that use them.




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