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Early this year we worked with Melbourne based architects, Katz Architecture helping them redevelop their brand. We asked Paul Katz, Founder and Principal, for a few thoughts on the process and outcomes of the rebrand project.




Katz Architecture are a Melbourne-based architecture practice founded in 2012. By building strong relationships with clients, and acquiring more business through word of mouth, Katz Architecture has become a growing and successful practice. However, while they had been successful to date, in 2017 they identified the need for their brand and communications to better reflect the precise nature of their practice, acquire their target projects and clients, and move forward into their next strategic phase. 


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We caught up with Owner and Principal, Paul Katz to find out how the business has benefited from the rebrand.

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Paul, the beginning of the project focused around creating a clear understanding of your business. Did you have any preconceived ideas for what the brand workshop and strategy stage would give you?  

No, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought the process was well constructed and focussed with structured exercises and leading questions.


Would you say you gained more, or less from the strategy workshop and brand strategy activity than what you expected?  

A lot more. I think the branding strategy made us think harder about what we do, how we do it and why. It helped us to articulate this better. And we actively use the content from the branding strategy and are looking at ways to further reinforce the message. All our media has changed, drawings, documents, reports, emails, website etc...


Do you feel the brand strategy process has had an impact on the outcome of the Katz re-branding project?

Yes, the brand positioning we arrived at has shaped the final designs, not literally and not that anyone would be able to pick it perhaps (but that is not important). It has helped create a story to why our brand looks the way it does.


Would you also say the brand strategy process has helped you gain greater clarity with regards to your ideal clients' needs and expectations?

While this is something I had already started work on, the process did definitely reinforce outcomes and provide other leads. I also think the client surveys FOR Studio undertook were very worthwhile as they really highlighted particular issues to those groups.

The outcomes of the strategy process were presented in a findings document which identified your businesses brand values and personality. These values and personality traits are applicable across the whole business. How have you embraced the Katz values and personality in the day to day activities of the business?

We're trying to! We are actively trying to better represent our personality, and we use social media more widely now to promote us and show our personality and the personal side of the practice.


A key outcome of the strategy process was the development of your brand positioning "Enriching Spaces. Enriching Lives”. How do you feel this has resonated with your clients?

I think so, I have not really received direct feedback on this but seems to get a few nods and it is a clear statement to remember. However, it is something that I'm keen to expand on. Having a clear way to describe and talk about our business has been great. It's great the language and messaging  FOR Studio articulated. In fact, it's something I want to expand on alongside clearer sector messaging. We're also working on updating our image library to better reflect our positioning.


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How has the feedback been from your clients about the rebrand?

There's been excellent feedback with many comments on handing out business cards “Nice card!”. The logo FOR Studio created is brilliant. It's clever, memorable, easily identifiable yet simple. And they've really thought about the fact it needs to work across digital and print, in large and small sizes.


Have you felt the new brand has positively effected winning new work?

Definitely, won the first tender submission and if we don’t win it is certainly not because of the graphic. The new brand has created a feeling of confidence in our communications. 


Do you feel the Katz team feel prouder/more confident of working for Katz since the rebrand?

Yes, we're very happy with their response. Whilst it doesn't affect their day to day, the quality of our brand now provides the team with a stronger bond. It creates a level professional and air of desire when looking for employees. 


Lastly, would you say your new brand better reflects who Katz Architecture are today and is helping you move the business to the next level?

Yes and yes.

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