Committee for Melbourne

Visual Identity & Website

Creating a website to help an apolitical change agent share its views and opinions.


Committee for Melbourne unite a cross-section of organisations to enhance Melbourne’s economic, social and environmental future. And while they can take credit for some of the city’s finest innovations, little was understood about their purpose and what they have achieved to date. There previous website no longer reflected a forward thinking organisation and their policies and reports felt disconnected from their brand. 


Our thinking approach

The existing logo worked well and had strong recognition amongst CfMs stakeholders and the media so our focus was on their website, helping them better connect with their audiences whilst showcasing their focus areas, achievements, views and opinions. Following on from strategy work by Ogilvy and Anderson the outcomes led to the proposal that the website would work as a 'hub' for CfM. A place to go to find out information. Anything from recent policy and opinion to access to the tailored member only sections. The website had to fully address its different audiences. 


Within the site policies, reports and papers can be downloaded and these needed to feel connected to the updated brand. Where previously policy and report covers were simply logo branded we took the opportunity to style them in a way that provided more ownership and gravitas.

Our design approach

We designed a new bold and engaging website which is now helping Committee for Melbourne express their purpose and create debate around the issues facing Melbourne; today and in the future. Rich with content and adaptive for any device, people can now access information about Melbourne’s future from the CfM website, anywhere any time. On the home page an automatic film plays on loop representing the polices and sectors CfM work within. 


A style guide was also created to help Committee for Melbourne produce future communications inline with the new look to help them develop a more unified brand experience. 

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