Bendigo Bank Sixty Eight

Brand Identity & Digital Design

A new brand for a co-working and event space that reaches out to local businesses.


SixtyEight is a new co-working space created by Bendigo Bank that reaches out to local businesses and individuals and offers weekly programs and events, as well as flexible desk sharing. As the audience are predominately from outside the Melbourne city central areas, the concept of a co-working space is a more unusual offer and can be meet with slight scepticism.




With an audience of local businesses that is extremely varied ranging from agricultural, industrial, consumer to tech businesses, the brand needed to convey itself in a confident business manner. Working with Bendigo Bank it was felt the brand shouldn't play to the out of city, more rural aspects and be focused as a co-working space as it would be if it was in the CBD.


The brand is rooted within Bendigo Banks branding but is also an expression of the energy of vibrant local business communities – independent thinkers, brave, embolden and creative people that run businesses.


The logo represents an abstract physical space as well as the number 68 – 68 is the address of the first co-working space. The shapes from the logo form a flexible frame system that allows for expressive messaging.






The brands tone of voice combined with engaging and clever copy lines allow SixtyEight to communicate with an everyday approachable voice.



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