FOR meaningful conversations

Bank of Melbourne Stratus

Brand Communications

Starting meaningful conversations with prospective clients.


Creating an interactive 'Pitch' Pack allowed the team to present in a modern engaging way that not only communicated the offer clearly but also showed Bank of Melbourne as a modern tech able business. A suite of brochures, leaflets, and gifts support the main presentation.


A series of illustrations were created to bring to life Melbourne landmarks alongside muted Melbourne photography and palette of cool greys and golds to provide a distinctive premium approach.



Bank of Melbourne Premium Banking team, Stratus, needed a suite of tools to better connect with prospective clients. From a presentation in person to the leave behind brochures, BOM needed to elevate the way Stratus could be explained and sold to prospective clients. 




Since the pack was launched the Bank of Melbourne team have gained over 50 new partnerships and have had an 80% increase in referrals on the PCP (prior corresponding period).


The pitch pack has been such a success for the Melbourne team that the Sydney office is now utilising the approach and insights gained across its own materials.

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