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Why innovation is good news for logistics in Australia

The logistics industry in Australia is poised for significant growth, thanks to the opportunities presented by the rebound in global economic conditions. Rising demand from a broad range of industries will see logistics operators providing a range of door-to-door delivery, transport, storage and distribution services.

Who are the logistics innovators changing things for the better

There's definitely a trend in value adding along the supply chain, with some noticeable innovations being seen in the retail industry. This sector has seen a huge shake up, with increased consumer uptake of online shopping and home delivery. And with retailers being the Australian logistics industry’s largest customers, contributing nearly a third of overall revenue, it’s clear that retail is where it’s at.

Online sales are providing huge opportunities for retail businesses around the globe. But retail brands are discovering that with opportunities online sales provide, they also pose a challenge to maintain a customer’s brand experience, from purchase right through to delivery and beyond. 

A couple of logistics innovators who have caught our attention in this area are Clipper and DPD, who are both helping retail brands deliver on their brand expectations. Clipper Logistics has experienced success by developing innovative, customer focused solutions like ‘Boomerang’ that expertly manages the returns processes, smoothly and efficiently, benefiting retailers and consumers alike.

For its part, DPD has developed an industry-leading service, 'Predict', that gives parcel recipients advanced notification of their delivery slot by SMS or email. This innovation has helped DPD become the fastest growing major delivery firm in the UK. Predict has firmly established DPD as the carrier of choice for premium brands in the home delivery sector.

Now here’s the truth

Today, businesses aren’t just looking for ways to streamline their operations. They’re also needing to ensure brand continuity. They're looking to team up with innovative partners along the supply chain to ensure their own brand standards are met or exceeded.

Australian innovation

By 2015, online retail was worth $16.6 billion to the Australian economy, with continued, strong growth expected. Now is clearly the time for logistics operators in Australia to re-focus on delivering innovation.

We see this as good news for everyone. At the very top level, logistics operators in Australia have the opportunity to innovate and build their brands by developing services and communications that connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Retailers will be able to protect and enhance their brand reputation and consumers will enjoy first class customer service levels.

We're excited to see who will emerge as the innovators and who become the logistics brands of choice in Australia in this evolving and growing industry.

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