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A corporate reporting co-driver

This ViewPoint article highlights the need for creative thinking within corporate reporting.

Congratulations. In 2016 there was a clear improvement in the level of corporate reporting in Australia.  It’s great to see the likes of Lend Lease, NAB and Australia Post leading the way in creating more insightful reporting and showing investors how their business is creating long term value.


Room for improvement. Australia is slower than other countries in the shift to improvement, with the UK and US leading the field. However the standard of reporting in Australia as whole has improved, with many reports removing repetitive and unnecessary information and restructuring content.

Good looking models! Very few organisations across the world follow the International Integrated Reporting Council  framework by the book but what’s great to see is the impact of the Integrated Reporting (IR) Business Model.

Organisations are thinking about how they create value – in both financial and non-financial terms –  and are trying to reflect this succinctly and logically in the reporting of their business model.

Extended investment horizons, broader stakeholder appeal and the desire to develop a more holistic corporate narrative are all reasons companies are experimenting with IR.

So, 2017. IR isn’t for everyone, however it’s gaining momentum across the world and we expect to see Australia following the trend, improving reporting through:

– highlighting future value across both financial and non-financial KPI’s

– aligning risks to strategy and illustrating how these are being managed

– benchmarking long term strategic goals.


The importance a co-driver. For all these structural improvements to work, the presentation of content is critical. After all, Business Models are great, but only as long as you can read and understand them! 

Organisations benefit from working with a co-driver who not only understands the challenges of corporate reporting but who can also visually:

–express the organisations brand value 

–bring the strategy to life and showcase how it’s performing

–explain complex information with clarity.


A thinking creative partner. Our combination of reporting knowledge and creativity helps us visualise the complex. We ensure our clients stories are told concisely and with clarity always with a focus on presenting information in a way that’s easy to understand and digest. 


For more information about how we can help bring your report to life please visit our website (forstudio.com.au) or give Amanda John a call.

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