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All the pieces aligned

How Lego understands reputation is key to being a successful brand.

If you have children then December 1st means one thing. Advent calendars. Obviously times have changed from the simple card calendars that revealed a Christmassy image of yesteryear, and maybe surprisingly given how digital our childrens lives are today, advent calendars are not yet fully digital. So the choice is either Grandparents favourite – Chocolate, or you go down the toy driven advent calendar route.

This year was Lego's turn in the household.

After weeks of bated breath the boy opened his calendar only to discover the inner plastic bag empty bar one little red brick. The joy and excitement emptied from his face. It turned out that our unlucky purchase must have split in production and all the other bricks had become lost in transit.

But this is where the power of your reputation and a consistent message is key for brands today. 

Rather than looking for a faceless, hidden away page on Lego's website, the customer service pages come fully branded with a tone of voice that genuinely comes across as caring – The fact you can write in nearly any language and the website auto detects it is brilliant.

The next step is an email confirmation that your query is being dealt with. Here in my inbox is an email that speaks with a consistent brand voice – The email header featuring a lego "customer service" figure is a nice visual touch that further adds consistency. 

Throughout this interaction with Lego you experience a brand that feels like it is adapting to new technology along with the demands and experiences people expect of brands today.

Unlike Lego many businesses have not yet realised or prioritised the importance of customer service. With more and more transactions originating from online sales, physical and online customer services are becoming a key pillar in how businesses perform today.

Of course with Lego it also helps when they send out a replacement part with not one but two free early Christmas gifts for the disappointed boy!

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